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24 hours regenerating face cream anti-age - with exclusive biocomplex
Verdesativa 24 hours regenerating face cream anti-age - with exclusive biocomplex - An exclusiv..
Anti-age & aftershave men
Verdesativa anti-age face cream and aftershave. Moisturizing & revitalizing. Suitable for sensit..
Anti-dandruff shampoo - Hemp & birch
Verdesativa anti-dandruff shampoo with hemp and birch. High purifying activities of vegetable e..
Baby barrier paste - Healing & protective
Verdesativa baby barrier paste. Dermatologically tested. A lipidic paste with an high content o..
Baby body lotion - Protective & moisturizing.
Verdesativa baby body lotion. Protective and moisturizing. Hypoallergenic formula. Ideal daily ..
Baby shampoo & bath foam
Verdesativa baby shampoo and bath foam. Ph balanced soap and sulphate free. Extra mild detergen..
Bath & shower gel - Hemp & citrus fruits
Verdesativa bath & shower gel - Pleasant revitalizing treatment with orange and bergamot es..
Bath & shower gel - Hemp & lavender
Verdesativa bath & shower gel - Delicate hemp-lavender based formula with intensive soothin..
Bath & shower gel - Hemp, vetiver and orange
Vetiver bath & shower gel - Delicate formula, suited to all skin types, low foaming, respects th..
Bio-active face & eye contour cream (lifting)
Verdesativa bio-active face & eye contour creeam - Relaxing eye area treatment with lifting..
Bio-active revitalizing facial toner
Revitalizing facial tonic 100% Natural We use hemp oil 100% organic. daily treatment for the ..
Bioactive anti-age face cream
Verdesativa bioactive anti-age face cream - Ideal for dry, sensitive and problem skins. The combinat..
Bioactive day&night face cream
Verdesativa bioactive day&night face cream - An excellent face cream for dry and sensitive ..
Bioactive moisturizing face cream
Verdesativa bioctive moisturizing face cream - Intensive moisturizing treatment for sensitive a..
Body milk - Hemp & Aloe
Verdesativa body milk - This intensive vitalizing milk, excellent for all skin types, particularly f..
Clay facial mask - Dermo-purifying
Verdesativa clay facial mask - Dermo-purifying - Thanks to the micro-exfoliating and astringent..
Cleansing lotion - Hemp & red grape
Verdesativa cleansing lotion - The light and rich lotion delicately cleanses and moisturizes, protec..
Delicate shampoo - Hemp & wheat protein
Verdesativa delicate shampoo with hemp and wheat protein. pH balanced. This special formul..
Deo Spray - citrus fragrance
Deo Spray 24h without alcohol and gas. 100% naturally.  ..
Energizing shampoo - Hemp & ginseng
Verdesativa energizing shampoo. Prevention of hair-loss. Rich in precious natural extracts, effectiv..
Eye contour gel - Lifting & hydrating
Verdesativa eye contour gel - A high performance moisturizer and toner for stressed and mature skins..
Fitness & Sport - Hair & shower
Verdesativa Shampoo & bath shower gel. Daily use. Special formula with mild, exclusively pl..
Fitness oil
Verdesativa fitness and massage oil. Pure vegetable oil from cannabis sativa. Thanks to the exc..
Hand barrier crème
Verdesativa barrier hand cream. Effectively moisturizes and protects hands against unfavourable exte..
Herbal dermo liquid
Verdesativa dermo active disinfectant antibacterial agent - Verdesativa dermo active disinfecta..
Liquid soap - Hemp & citrus fruit
Particularly recommended for sensitive skin, gently cleanses without modifying the natural skin pH, ..
Mild intimate cleanser - Hemp & Calendula
Ideal for daily use, this cleanser has been studied speciafically to provide delicate and safe prote..
Mild intimate cleanser - Unisex
Ideal for daily use, this cleanser has been studied speciafically to provide delicate and safe prote..
Protective emulsion against mosquito - Spray (no gas)
Verdesativa protective emulsion against mosquito - Moisturizing and refreshing emulsion for the body..
Protective emulsion against mosquito - Stick
Verdesativa protective emulsion against mosquito - Stick - Innovative formula made with pure es..
Purifying cleansing milk & make-up remover
Verdesativa purifying cleansing milk & make-up remover - High tolerating cleansing lotion a..
Purifying cream shampoo
Verdesativa professional purifying cream shampoo with hemp and white mud. Specific purifyi..
Rebalancing shampoo - Hemp & tea tree
Verdesativa rebalancing shampoo with hemp & tea tree. For greasy hair and balanced sebum pr..
Refreshing foot&leg cream
Verdesativa refreshing foot&leg cream - Bio Cream - Innovative formulation designed to..
Refreshing foot&leg cream - Fitness & sport
Verdesativa refreshing foot&leg cream - Bio Sport - Innovative formulation designed to incr..
Revitalizing hair conditioner
Verdesativa professional hair conditioner wit hemp. Rapidly disentangles, softens, volumizes fo..
Shampoo & shower - Hemp & ylang ylang
Give the aroma of Ylang Ylang to your skin, the delicate fragrance provides a feeling of well being ..
Softening shampoo
Verdesativa professional softening shampoo - Hemp and cypress. Suitable for all hair types and ..
Untying hair conditioner
Verdesativa untying hair conditioner wit hemp. 100% natural. Rapidly disentangles, softens,volu..